Course Modules

32 Professional Photoshop tutorial for the Price of a Camera Strap.

learn how to create a cartoon character with photo manipulation and  retouch.

  • Transforming real photos into caricatures.
  • Step by Step  how you can create any cartoon you imagine
  • create a unique caricature that can be used for logos, ads, mascot pictures etc.
  • 89 steps how you can create and image like the one below

Photo editing course modules



How you can  make facial feature pop out using retouching. 

  •  learn how to use Photoshop tools  to add depth and character to a face. This is a  130 minute video tutorial.
  • Learn retouching techniques
  • Enhance facial features of any photo making them into an art work

 photography editing course modules 2



How to change lighting in a photo

  • 140 minute video tutorial step by step.
  • Help you master Photoshop techniques, create a mood for your own photos
  • How to create Light effects & make photos “pop” and grab everyone attention

photo editing course modules



How to create eye catching portraits 

  • 105 minute video  step by step on how to improve the look and detail of someones  face or skin
  • create impact  on a normal boring photo.
  • layer by layer improve details & contrasts

photo editing course module 4


How to add an enchanted  background / atmosphere to your photography 

  • 2 hr video tutorial to transform a photo into a fairy-tale scene
  • Tutorials on color correction / color grading techniques
  • background enhancing training

photo editing course 5


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