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Trick phootgraphy

Best Online Photography course  Have you ever wanted to have your own photography featured in reputable places either offline or online?. You have  passion and don’t know how to express them creatively into your photographs?. If thats you, then don’t worry many successful photographers had the same worries as you.Trick photography and special effects is an online photography course by Evan Sharboneau that addresses all these questions please watch the video below to see what we mean. 

Below is a video on  photography Tricks ideas of the Trick photography and special effects online guide. Click the image below to be taken to the official website and see the video.

Trick Photography and special Effects Review  |  Learn Photo edit (photo manipulation)

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Product Name: Trick Photography and Special Effects (2nd Edition)
Author: Evan Sharboneau
Program Format: Digital
Delivery Method: Instant Download (or watch online)
Bonuses: Yes (4 Bonuses)
Real Value: $97
Limited Time Special Offer: $47
Program Upgrade: Yes (Multiple VIP Packages inside)
Downloadable Creative Photography: Yes (Over 300 samples!)
Refund Policy: Yes (100% amount settlement)


Learn how to unleash your creativity.


 trick photography effects

Trick photography and special effects is a guide by Evan Sharboneau. It’s easy to understand and will teach you how to use any DSLR camera to produce mind blowing images.

It is packed with photography tips for beginners and creative photography lessons  that will hook your audience to your photo art gallery. If you choose to share your photos in  Flickr, Deviantart or any other place, this is the right place to learn how to unleash your creativity.

Evan, is a well known photographer on the internet. Frankly his work speaks for himself which you can see on our gallery section.

One thing you will appreciate is how straightforward this photography training is. It’s easy to grasp and does not require that you own super expensive equipment or be some kind of camera genius. 

The most basic DSLR Camera Like the one Below is all you need.

Simple camera for mind blowing images and trick photography


How to Do Trick photography and Special Effects

Many amateur or established photographers have a perception that the best photograph equipment automatically means the best photographs. This is completely untrue!. Good equipment will obviously help however,  for mind blowing images all a photographer will need to know is how to use the basic  fundamental principles of photography.

What are the fundamental principles?  This are your ideas and creativity. You can take amazing mind blowing images with  almost any camera.

 In Trick photography and Special Effects 2 edition it’s all about  combining the camera with the right knowledge and creative mind.  The camera is not the focus.

As you will learn from this guide, you want to focus more on the creative and artistic ideas and less about the gear.

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Trick photographyEver Hang around at or

Most of us have gone to these sites and seen those Visual effects, Photo manipulation and mind blowing images and wanted to know how it’s done. Its a no brainer that you need to have a passion for this. However what stops most, is the know how.


Many people have the desire to produce creative photos, but they don’t know how to begin or what steps to take. What’s interesting with this online photo editing courses guide is the handful of simple, easy techniques that can transform how you use and view your camera. They’ll make a difference for you the very next time you take a photo.


So up until now, the only alternative for many has been to take expensive colleges or evening courses, not to mention buy expensive equipment.  


This mind blowing images & photo editing resources is a highly recommend alternative to spending thousands of dollars  at new cameras, lights or enrolling in  expensive courses.


Evan has divided his guide into several categories:

  • In the modules you will learn how to take illusion photos, time displacement and HDR photo tricks
  • Light painting how to setup proper lighting for the best shots
  • Photoshop: This is an important module because it will help you magnify your creativity and capitalize on amazing featureof Photoshop in order to edit your photos like a professional
  • Special effects, where the fun begins: here you learn everything you need to know about photography special effects
  • Long exposure: here you learn how to take Mind blowing excellent shots.


Like all things You need to be patient, some skills need perseverance, especially the more advanced as you go in the training.


Photo editing course modules